A typical load of laundry is 8-10 lbs of clothing. It would be approximately:

2 pairs of jeans ;2 long-sleeve shirts; 5 t-shirts; 1 cotton sweater/sweat shirt; 7 pairs of undergarments ;7 pairs of socks; 1 towel ;1 set of sheets.

We cover most of Kelowna excepting West Kelowna at this time.

We will use the brand names that we have found to be efficient at cleaning clothes through the years. If there are certain products that you would prefer to use, we are happy to accommodate returning customers within reason. 

When you contact us to schedule service,  we will get some basic information from you and schedule a pickup day and time window. 48 hour service is standard for regular sized orders. 24hr rush service available for an additional charge. Minimum of $25 per pick-up order applies.

All pickups and drop-offs can be made to either home or office at your agreed upon location. 

For your first service you can put your laundry out in any bag. Any items found in pockets during our sorting process will be bagged separately and enclosed in an envelope in your bag. Laundry will be returned to your door in one of our premium bags. 


If we are informed of possible stains, we will pre-treat before washing.    Please note that not all stains can be removed especially once set.  Our recommendation is that you pre-treat stains before pickup as they occur.

You may choose to do so but we will separate your laundry according to colour and kind prior to washing, at no charge.

We do for an extra charge if you would please check our price list.

Payment can be accepted at drop-off via cheque, e-transfer, cash, Visa or Mastercard. For monthly plan customers, payment is due at invoicing via the above methods.

 As a small business, our preferred methods would be cash, cheque or e-transfers, however we also accept Mastercard and Visa. For your protection no personal information is stored online. Therefore, we prefer credit card customers to swipe their cards directly at our mobile terminal whenever possible.  If we need to, we may make special arrangements to meet for payment.

We take great pride in being careful to keep your laundry separate from our other clients. Each load and client is given a unique identifier which allows us to keep your order separate from another. If we somehow make an error, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can track down your missing item. (We exempt socks from that guarantee. Nobody knows where socks go!)

If an item has fraying threads or missing parts, please inform us. While we will do a quick check for issues before washing, things might escape our notice.  If an item has been seen to be damaged we will bag it separately to return to you if it is unsafe to wash it.  If we should accidentally damage an item of clothing beyond repair, please inform us so that we might provide compensation in the form of a similar item of equal value, or credit fair market value of that item towards future services. If an item should require handwashing or dry cleaning it should not be included with your wash and fold laundry.