About Us

 About this business:

Your Laundry Fairy is a locally-based small business dedicated to offering a personalized professional laundry service. We offer the affordable convenience of pick-up and drop-off to your chosen location all at no additional charge. Your laundry is picked up, washed, folded, neatly bundled and returned within 48 hours in our premium laundry bags.

Business Inspiration:

As parents, we had, at one time, 3 babies in diapers. Life was hectic and chaotic and I wanted just a bit of my sanity back.  A friend recommended a woman who did housekeeping and laundry for our family.   That changed my understanding of the proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I was a much better parent when I wasn’t exhausted from trying to take care of every detail of my family’s life.  Later, when I went back to work, she was a Godsend.

When we moved to the Okanagan, I left my previous corporate career behind and started thinking about what I would do next.  The idea for this business grew out of a combination of that experience and memories of my family from my childhood in the Caribbean. 

I’m thrilled to offer this business to families, students, seniors, busy professionals and people in the extended circle of this community. 



Our Promise:

  • With many years of laundry experience, we know a titch or two about doing laundry. 


  • We will treat your clothes with great care.


  • We are responsible, dependable, careful, reliable professionals.


  • If we encounter difficulties, we promise to be clear in communicating with you.


  • Your personal information is confidential and will not be given to anyone else.


  • We pick it up; we wash it; we take care of it from beginning to end when it is returned to you.


  • If a problem should arise, we will address it immediately and attempt to find an equitable solution. We value your business!


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essa Russell–Owner

Email: Tessa@yourlaundryfairy.com
Facebook: Your Laundry Fairy
250-859-5515–Text anytime 
or call (8:30 a.m. to 5:00p.m. M-F)