Terms of Service

Your Laundry Fairy Terms of Service*


When does the laundry service start/end? What date do I need to sign up by?
For students, Winter Session 1 pickups start the week of September 18th and end on December 18th, last week of final exams. For Winter Session 2—Pick up begins on Jan. 8th, 2018 for Annual Plan customers and Jan. 15 for Semester Plan customers.  Service ends on April 16th for all Students. The sooner you sign up the sooner your laundry pickups can begin, but you can sign up at any point during the semester and prices are pro-rated to reflect how many weeks remain in the semester.

What if I miss my laundry pickup?
We are flexible. If you miss your day, please contact the office and request an additional pickup time that week for a fee of $10. You must stick to the schedule, however, to receive the best possible turnaround time. If you completely miss a week of laundry for any reason, please call us so we can give you double the pounds* for the following week.

**Please note that this is a special arrangement we make when people miss a week, we do not offer a standard option of getting double pounds EVERY other week. You ALWAYS need to notify us ahead of time that you want double pounds.

What type of bag do I use for the first time?
For the first pickup–use any bag you like or we can supply bags on pick up. We will tag your bag at our pickup location and your laundry will be returned in our special bag for your continued use each week. Our bags are meant to function as a hamper for your dirty clothing and are disinfected before being repacked with your clean clothes for delivery.

If you have items that require cold or delicate washing, please place in a separate plastic bag inside your laundry.  Label it “Special Care Required”.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT WASH DRY CLEAN ONLY ITEMS.  Simply put a note in your laundry bag with any specific care instructions you would like us to know.

If you are worried about something shrinking and don’t want an article to be dried, no problem. Just put in a note with a description of the article and request that it be air dried. These items may come back damp (and wrapped separately) with your regular delivery, but it will definitely avoid any possible shrinkage.


Please let us know when you are washing something for the first time.

You may want to take a moment to fill out the Customer Checklist for each week’s drop-off.  This helps us to be as accurate as possible. If one is enclosed, we will place it in your bag upon return of your clean items!  If your item still remains missing, please check with roommates and take a look around your room just to be sure.

Please check out the Our Promise tab on the Home page to learn more about how we care for you and your clothing.


* Terms subject to change.